Delta Force Hawk Ops Summer Game Fest 2024

Delta Force: Hawk Ops looks glorious in its latest Summer Game Fest 2024 gameplay teaser trailer

TiMi Studio and Level Infinite have released a new in-engine teaser trailer for Delta Force: Hawk Ops. This teaser trailer shows off some of the game’s environments. And, as you will see, the game looks actually great.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops will launch with three game modes. These modes are Hazard Operations, Havoc Warfare and Black Hawk Down. In the first mode, players can form a 3-man squad to complete impossible missions. Havoc Warfare is the game’s “Battlefield” mode, in which you will fight in massive-scale battles on land, sea, and air. And yes, there will be vehicles to control. Finally, Black Hawk Down will be a remaster of the classic IP that aims to provide a cinematic experience.

This new Delta Force will attempt to please pretty much everyone. Those who fancy single-player campaigns will be able to enjoy the Black Hawk Down remaster/remake. On the other hand, those who enjoy multiplayer games will get their COD/BF dose with Havoc Warfare.

In May 2024, Level Infinite revealed that the Black Hawk Down Campaign will be powered by Unreal Engine 5. In theory, the whole game will be using Epic’s latest engine. Still, the devs haven’t 100% confirmed that. For all we know, the campaign may be a standalone game using UE5.

There is currently no ETA on when this new Delta Force game will come out. TiMi Studio hasn’t also shared any PC system requirements for it. As soon as we get them, though, we’ll be sure to share them with you.

Finally, Delta Force: Hawk Ops will be present at Summer Game Fest 2024. So, expect a lengthier gameplay trailer during that event.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Delta Force: Hawk Ops | Official Summer Game Fest 2024 Teaser