22 The Outer Worlds Easter Eggs you might have missed

The Outer Worlds is filled with Easter Eggs and many of them are very easy to miss. Fortunately for us, Eurogamer has made a video listing twenty-two awesome Easter Eggs that you can find inside Obsidian’s first person sci-fi RPG.

So let’s start with Fallout and Vault 13. This Easter Egg refers back to the original 1997 Fallout game. You can see the number 13 written on the walls at the customs area on Groundbreaker. If you go further inside you will eventually see a huge vault tech door at the back of the hangar.

My favorite Easter Egg by far is the reference to the Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi famous line “you don’t need to see his identification, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. You can initiate this dialogue in the area of the ministry of accuracy and morale in Byzantium, by persuading the guard after you have been caught snooping around.

There are twenty more Easter Eggs in the video below. Be warned though, the video might contains spoilers.

22 The Outer Worlds Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed - Star Wars, Firefly, The Beatles and more!

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Thanks Eurogamer.

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