User’s Articles Guideline

Here is a guideline to our new section, called User’s Articles. User’s Articles is dedicated to you, our readers. DSOGaming readers can send their stories that can be published. This will be your breakthrough to the gaming industry and since we’re a small gaming website – for the moment – we feel able to handle such a task.
User’s Articles Guideline:
1) DSOGaming is a PC gaming site, therefore your stories should be focused on the PC. Yes, you can write Reviews so feel free to do so if you want to. Articles should be around 1000 words (more or less, it doesn’t matter if they are 900 words or 1200 words).
2) There are some grey zones though. For example, you can’t write about “Why I’m excited about PS4 or Halo4? but you can write about “Masterchief’s origins” or “Halo’s history.”
3) This is a volunteer job, there are no obligations to DSOG. This means that if you don’t feel like writing, you can definitely skip a week or even a month. Feel free to write whenever you want to about PC topics. There is no reason to feel like you’re forced to.
4) Originally, we didn’t want to get on with this volunteer thing. We strongly believe that writers should be paid. However, we can also acknowledge that some want to make their first steps into this industry. That’s why we’re creating this section and we are not hiring for ‘News stories.’ We don’t want to force you working on daily basis without a compensation.
5) You should not expect to see each and every story of yours get published (even if your debut story gets published). Similarly, you should not get disappointed if your first story does not get published. Truth be told, that was how John started and got involved into this industry. And let us tell you that he jumped around like a kid when his first article went live, back in 1999. So who knows, you might get something out of it in the long run.
6) Articles will be sent via mails in this Email Address and should be in WORD format. We will check them and will publish them if they fit with DSOG’s content. Currently, only one article is being published each and every week but this will soon change. User’s Articles will be published every Sunday night / Monday morning. The best article will be included on DSOG’s Frontpage Image Viewer.
7) Always include the author of the article. This is crucial.
8) Would be great to include screenshots or images. That’s not necessary, but we feel that it would be best for the author of the article to decide the images he/she wants to be included in his/her article.