User’s Articles: Final Fantasy IV Comes to Android

Final Fantasy IV
Written by Steven Wright
Some of you may remember the retro fantasy RPG game Final Fantasy IV. Those who do will be pleased to learn that it’s now been released for Play on Android phones; whether you have a samsung phones phone, Galaxy, HTC or any form of up-to-date Android device.
The game was first released in 1991, so 90’s children will be bowing down to this release news as it reached high popularity. As retro as it sounds, it was first released on consoles such as the Super Nintendo and the Sony Playstation.
Some of you may already be aware that a new version of the game was released for iOS operating systems in November last year. It was also released for the Nintendo DS in 2008.
You may have been watching in tears wondering when it was going to be released in an Android-friendly version; well don’t fear, the time is here. If you’re unlucky enough not to hear of the game yet, it is an RPG game that involves controlling a Dark Knight named Cecil and attempting to stop an evil sorceror bent on destroying the world. The Into Mobile site explores the game in greater depth.
Since the release of the game on a rival operating system, pressures have mounted to bring the retro game to Android users. Although the time has arrived, it is worth noting that it currently only works on the android Gingerbread or later operating system. It’s also not as cheap as some mobile games at a top end £10.99, though those who loved the original game will understand why.
If you’ve never experienced the game before, it’s definitely worth the price to experience a classic, beloved RPG game from the 90s direct to your mobile device. A game that can still generate this much interest after over twenty years is almost certainly worth a play.
Final Fantasy IV Gameplay First Look (30min) - Android iOS DS