The Last Of Us, Call of Juarez, STALKER: Clear Sky & Counter-Strike Recreated In CryEngine 3


It seems that CRYENGINE fans are currently working on recreating Naughty Dogs’ latest title, The Last Of Us, in Crytek’s engine; a concept that has us excited. Before jumping to early conclusions, this does not mean that we’ll get a TLOS game powered by CRYENGINE. Yes, it sucks, we know. Still, it will give us an idea of what TLOS would look like in CRYENGINE.

Polycount artist ‘Tits’ is remaking Ellie’s model. This model is being created via Zbrush and will be presented via CRYENGINE when it’s finished, though you can get a glimpse of this new Ellie below.

Tits no1Tits no2Tits no3

Character Photoshop Texturing Overview, tutorial, Ellie fan art The last of us

In addition, Polycount artist ‘kaikaisushi’ is recreating the Hotel Lobby Environment from The Last Of Us. The artist has presented some new screenshots from his latest progress (the map is not finished yet, but it’s shaping up to be great. We’ve also shared the reference concept for this map).

kaikaisushi no1kaikaisushi reference concept

Moving on to another game, Polycount artist ‘noscope’ is creating a wild west saloon scene that looks similar to the one featured in Call of Juarez. The map is not finished yet but contrary to the previous works from kaikaisushi and Tits, it looks at a more polished.

noscope no1noscope no2noscope no3noscope no4

Last but not least, CryDev’s members ‘DevGuy1975 ‘ and ‘rosu.kristof’ presented their maps based on STALKER: Clear Sky and Counter-Strike, respectively. To be more precise, DevGuy1975 recreated STALKER: Clear Sky’s Faction Camp while rosu.kristof recreated Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 map.