The Crew 2-2

The Crew 2 Closed Beta 4K Screenshots Gallery

The closed beta phase for The Crew 2 has been launched and below you can find some 4K screenshots from it. In order to capture these screenshots, we used an NVIDIA GTX980Ti and ran the game on Ultra settings.

The Crew 2 comes right now with two framerate options: 30fps and 60fps (unfortunately there isn’t any uncapped framerate option). Initial performance impressions are quite positive. While the GTX980Ti was unable to offer a stable 30fps in 4K on Ultra settings, it was able to run the game with constant 60fps on Ultra settings at 1080p.

The Crew 2 releases on June 29th and will let players experience the thrill of American motorsports inside a fully redesigned USA. The game’s playground promises to push physical boundaries to let driving and open world fans test their skills, solo or with friends, in nonstop competition and exploration.