New pre-alpha Serious Sam 4 screenshots surface

A new set of pre-alpha screenshots for Serious Sam 4 have surfaced online. Unfortunately, these screenshots are of low-quality and are a bit blurry. Still, we are pretty sure that most Serious Sam fans will be interested in them (and especially in the last one that shows lots of enemies on screen).

In Serious Sam 4, players will fight through giant hordes of relentless foes, both those that defined the franchise like Kamikaze and Kleer and those ready to become iconic in the future. Players will fight and explore your way through huge environments populated with optional objectives, secrets and deadly ambushes. However, and contrary to pretty much all latest games, this won’t be an open-world game. While the game will feature big environments, it will still be a focused, linear experience.

The game will also feature vehicles such as motorcycle, a combine or even a bulletproof popemobile so that players can drive their way through unfortunate enemy pedestrians. Moreover, the developers have also claimed that the game will support both solo and co-op modes.

Enjoy and kudos to our reader ‘Sam4Real’ for sharing them with us!