HITMAN Episode 2 Looks Incredibly Beautiful In 4K With Reshade

IO Interactive has just released the second episode for HITMAN. This episode takes place in Amalfi Coast, and IO Interactive has built a really beautiful and detailed city. And thanks to 4K resolutions and Reshade, the game’s visuals are elevated to new heights.

It’s no stretch to say that HITMAN in 4K and with Reshade packs some of the best visuals we’ve ever seen. Obviously, you will need a really high-end SLI system to run the game with this kind of visuals at 60fps (our GTX980Ti was simply unable to hit that mark).

Below you can find some 4K screenshots that – for viewing purposes – were downsampled to 1080p. Now we know that some of you are interested in the uncompressed 4K images. And you can download them from here.