Here is what DOOM 2016 looks like in third-person viewpoint

The 2016 reboot of DOOM is considered one of the best modern-day first-person shooters. id Software was able to bring our beloved franchise back from the dead and YouTube’s ‘Shesez’ has showcased what the game actually looks like in third-person mode.

As you will see, and contrary to other games, the 3D model in DOOM 2016 is incomplete. The developers have not designed any head, though we can see 3D models for the arms, torso and legs. What’s also funny is when the player is looking at the background. Instead of properly looking down, the legs are being elevated in the air.

We don’t know why the developers did not use a full 3D model in DOOM, however this is a pretty cool observation. This also explains why you can’t see your feet when looking down at the terrain (and why you can see your legs when doing some Glory Kills).

Shesez has also showcased some other cool features with his ‘Out of Bounds’ so we strongly suggest watching the entire video (that we’ve embedded below).

Out of Bounds Discoveries | DOOM (2016) - Boundary Break