The Coalition Alpha Point Tech Demo

First screenshot from The Coalition’s Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo, Alpha Point

The Coalition has shared the first screenshot from its upcoming Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo, Alpha Point. Moreover, the team will officially unveil this tech demo on July 20th, during its GDC Developer Day virtual talk.

As Epic Games noted:

“Catch the public debut of Alpha Point; a UE5 technical demo created by The Coalition to evaluate UE5 on the Xbox Series X/S. Hear what the team learned as they tested internal Nanite assets in Lumen-driven lighting scenarios, as well as their thoughts on how UE5’s performance and memory stacks up in Xbox Series X and S-style production environments.”

For those unaware, The Coalition is the team that is currently handling the Gears of War franchise. And even though we don’t know what its next project is, we can safely assume that it will be using Unreal Engine 5. Thus, this tech demo should give us a glimpse at what we can expect from it.

We’ll be sure to share a video of the tech demo once – and if – The Coalition releases. Until then, enjoy the following screenshot!

The Coalition Alpha Point Tech Demo