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Here are the first official screenshots for F1 2021

Codemasters has released the first official screenshots for F1 2021. F1 2021 will be using the next iteration of the EGO Engine, and these screenshots will give you a glimpse at its graphics.

F1 2021 will feature the teams, drivers and circuits for the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship. The game will also introduce a brand-new story mode, expanded Career mode with two-player option, and three new circuits. These three circuits are Portimão, Imola, and Jeddah and will be available to all players as free post-launch content.

In Braking Point, the brand-new story mode, players take on an epic journey, as they rise from the ranks of Formula 2 to a shot at stardom in the world of Formula 1. This mode aims to immerse players into the glamorous world of F1. Additionally, it will give a taste of the lifestyle both on and off the track. It also re-introduces players to the much-maligned Devon Butler, who makes his return having debuted in F1 2019.

F1 2021 expands its iconic Career mode with a new two-player option. This mode allows friends to join online and play co-operatively or choose different teams and take rivalries to the track in synchronous race sessions. Each driver has complete control over their assists, allowing players of all levels to come together and compete. Career mode also introduces Real-Season Start. This mode will enable players to begin at any point in the season with real-time driver and constructor standings.

Across all formats, returning features include driver-manager experience My Team, two-player split-screen, shorter season options for both F1 and F2, esports integration and accessible menus and handling.

F1 2021 releases on July 16th, and here are also its official PC system requirements.

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