F1 2018 4K Screenshots Gallery

F1 2018 has just been released and below you can find some 4K PC screenshots on Ultra settings. In order to capture these screenshots, we used our NVIDIA GeForce GTX980Ti. As always, we’ve included MSI Afterburner so that you can get an idea of the game’s performance on NVIDIA’s GPU in 4K.

Now as you will see, on Ultra settings there is a lot of motion blur. And while this effect looks fine in motion, it can completely destroy still images. As such, and if you want to take some screenshots to share with your friends, we strongly suggest disabling it.

Another thing we’ve noticed in F1 2018 is the awful aliasing, even in 4K. In order to capture crisp screenshots, we’ve completely disabled anti-aliasing as the game comes with only two AA solutions that bring a noticeable blur side-effect: TAA checkerboard and TAA. What’s really interesting here is that the game has less aliasing AND runs better in 4K with TAA checkerboard than in 4K without any AA. The only downside is that the game looks blurrier but we’re pretty sure that PC gamers can use Reshade in order to re-sharpen the image.

But anyway, enjoy our 4K screenshots gallery and stay tuned for our PC Performance Analysis!