Control Ray Tracing RTX Comparison Screenshots

Remedy and NVIDIA have been doing their best to hype the real-time ray tracing effects that will be featured in Control. Two days ago, the green team released a trailer dedicated to RTX and a new set of screenshots surfaced yesterday, showcasing the visual difference between the game’s vanilla Very High/Ultra settings and RTX.

Now the good news for all PC gamers that do not own an NVIDIA Turing graphics card is that Control looks great even without the real-time ray tracing effects. Yes, there are noticeable differences when it comes to ambient occlusion and reflections, however they are not THAT huge.

To be honest, some of the ambient occlusion differences remind me the Reshade Ray Tracing comparison videos we’ve been sharing lately.

Remedy recommends an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti or an AMD Radeon VII for running the non-RTX version and – graphics-wise – the game appears to be justifying its GPU requirements. This should not be surprising us as Quantum Break, Remedy’s previous game that was also powered by the Northlight Engine, remains to this date a great looking title.

Also, and for all our future comparison screenshots, we’ll be using Juxtapose. Thanks to Juxtapose, you will be able to switch more easily between the two screenshots and see the visual differences. It’s not as good as a full-screen slider, but it’s – at least in our opinion – the next best thing we can do.

Control is currently planned for an August 27th release!

Thanks VG247