Power Rangers concept art

Concept arts from the cancelled Arkham-like Power Rangers game, Project Nomad

In a series of tweets, Saban’s former exec, Jason Bischoff, shared some concept arts from a cancelled triple-A Power Rangers game. Codenamed Project Nomad, this Power Rangers game would have been an ambitious, open-world co-op that captured the energy, teamwork, and history of the franchise through a fresh lens.

Basically, as Bischoff said, Project Nomad would be ‘Arkham’ Rangers. or Gotham Knights Rangers.

Saban created these concept arts for Project Nomad in 2016. Sadly though, and with so much circulating through the studio at the time, there was no bandwidth or budget to support it.

Bischoff claims that some early talks with devs/publishers were favorable. However, and due to big shifts in Saban’s business, those conversations around Project Nomad faded out.

Also note that contrary to other cancelled games, Project Nomad never really left its concept art phase. In other words, there isn’t any prototype or “incomplete” game. Saban was merely exploring the idea of creating a new triple-A Power Rangers game. Still, these concept arts look really cool


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