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Aliens Fireteam Elite PC Performance Analysis

Focus Home Interactive has released a brand new multiplayer third-person shooter game, Aliens Fireteam Elite. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, it’s time to benchmark it and see how it performs on the PC platform.

For this PC Performance Analysis, we used an Intel i9 9900K with 16GB of DDR4 at 3600Mhz, AMD’s Radeon RX580 and RX Vega 64, NVIDIA’s GTX690, GTX980Ti, RTX 2080Ti and RTX 3080. We also used Windows 10 64-bit, the GeForce 471.96 and the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.8.2 drivers. NVIDIA has not added any SLI profile for this game, meaning that our GTX690 behaved similarly to a single GTX 680.

Aliens Fireteam Elite CPU scaling

Cold Iron has implemented a few graphics settings to tweak. PC gamers can adjust the quality of Motion Blur, Textures, Shadows, and Anti-Aliasing. There are also options for Chromatic Aberration, Image Sharpening, Ambient Occlusion, and Screen Space Reflections.

Aliens Fireteam Elite graphics settings

Aliens Fireteam Elite does not come with any built-in benchmark tools. Therefore, we’ve decided to use two different benchmark scenes for our GPU and CPU tests. For our GPU benchmarks, we tested the first mission. For our CPU benchmarks, we used the Hangar area (which appeared to be one of the most CPU-bound areas of the game).

Although it uses mostly one CPU core/thread, Aliens Fireteam Elite does not require a high-end CPU. In order to find out how the game scales on multiple CPU threads, we simulated a dual-core, a quad-core and a hexa-core CPU. Without Hyper-Threading, our simulated dual-core system was unable to offer an acceptable gaming performance due to severe stuttering issues. By enabling Hyper-Threading, we were able to completely resolve these stutters.

Aliens Fireteam Elite CPU scene

Aliens Fireteam Elite CPU benchmarks

At 1080p/Max Settings, our top four GPUs were able to offer a constant 60fps experience. AMD’s Radeon RX580 was unable to offer a smooth experience as there were frequent drops to 48fps (especially when fighting aliens). It’s also interesting to note that AMD’s GPUs are not lacking behind NVIDIA’s GPUs, even though the game uses Unreal Engine 4.

Aliens Fireteam Elite GPU benchmarks-1

At 1440p/Max Settings, the only GPUs that were able to run the game with constant 60fps were the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64, the NVIDIA RTX2080Ti and the RTX3080. As for 4K/Max Settings, the only GPU that was able to offer a constant 60fps gaming experience was the RTX3080. Additionally, the RTX3080 appears to be 33% faster than the RTX2080Ti.

Aliens Fireteam Elite GPU benchmarks-2

Graphics-wise, Aliens Fireteam Elite is a looker. While it does not push the graphical envelope of what modern-day games can look like, it still looks great. All aliens and the main characters are quite detailed. Furthermore, the environments look amazing and are full of “aliens” vibes. My only gripe is with the minimal environmental interactivity/destructibility. That and the lack of a FOV slider. Apart from these nitpicks, though, Aliens Fireteam Elite is pleasing to the eye.

All in all, Aliens Fireteam Elite looks and runs great on PC. While it’s not THE best-looking PC game to date, it certainly runs great on a wide range of PC systems. The game does not require a high-end CPU, and runs smoothly on mid-range GPUs. We also did not experience any crashes or instability issues.


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