Valheim 4K Texture Pack-7

Valheim Update 0.214.2 released and here are its full patch notes

Iron Gate has just released a brand new update for its viking survival game, Valheim. According to the release notes, patch 0.214.2 comes with various fixes for the Mistlands, as well as various performance optimizations.

Moreover, this update brings a number of menu and UI improvements. Not only that, but it adds a manual save button.

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Valheim: Mistlands Gameplay Trailer

Valheim Patch 0.214.2 Release Notes

Gameplay & Balance:
  • Mistlands giant helmet and sword will now properly drop both iron and copper scrap as intended
  • Seeker soldier and ticks should now respawn correctly in dungeons, and ticks starred ticks chance increased from 10% to 20% as intended.
Fixes & Improvements:
  • Added Munin to Ribcage locations in Mistlands
  • Added saving icon to HUD and delayed the “bad connection icon” when saving
  • All game texts have been optimised for better clarity and performance
  • Reworked button prompts to a new visual style, added some missing buttons, etc.
  • Key hints are now displayed in a horizontal line rather than vertical list and visible in all needed contexts
  • Kicked players get a proper message
  • Menu selection markers should now be displayed correctly in all languages
  • Fixed several focus loss scenarios when using a gamepad
  • Haldor’s lines are now translated correctly
  • Build menu has been widened to avoid overlapping other interface items
  • D-Pad should now be usable in all menus
  • Controller and keyboard usage of menus improved
  • Skills menu should now work correctly with gamepad and show tooltips correctly
  • Mistlands boss should no longer escape her room during rare occasions (changes have been made to how ownership of objects work when transferred to another player; specifically checking the positions)
  • Fixed a bug that caused projectiles to sometimes miss even though it obviously should have connected
  • Durability bar on item in the inventory and action bar is now only visible if the item has been damaged
  • Fixed a visual bug that showed servers that were being pinged as offline
  • Thatch roof i-corner 45o can now support itself and will protect underlying beams from rain properly
  • Thatch & darkwood roof top 26o middle beam point fixed
Quality of Life:
  • Added alternative controller layout and changed layout to be more readable. Build snapping is a toggle in the alternative layout, and has an icon when active
  • Added manual save button to the pause menu that displays last save time
  • Crafting menus and quick use bar now have cycling navigation when using gamepad
  • You can now use the sticks to move to and from a container inventory from the player inventory directly rather than changing menu focus
  • Crafting station is now focused when opening a crafting station
  • Language can now be changed without restarting the game
  • If a server is unjoinable for version mismatch or other restriction this will shown when attempting to join a game from the server list immediately rather than having to wait for the game to load
  • Greatly ncreased performance of distant mountain shadows, and added a setting to turn off distant shadows completely. (This may increase performance significantly for players with older graphic cards)
  • Increased performance while in dungeons
  • Improved performance when using many map pins
  • Improved performance while using the inventory with many items
  • Network stability and performance improvements for crossplay
  • Improved cloud save performance on Microsoft Store version.
  • Memory optimizations for textures and fonts