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The Callisto Protocol April 18th Patch released, is 12GB in size, adds Dismemberment Mode

Striking Distance Studios has released the April 18th Patch for The Callisto Protocol. This update is 12GB in size on PC, and adds a new Dismemberment Mode.

Dismemberment Mode is a brand new game mode (and not a feature for all the existing modes). In this game mode, players can take their enemies apart limb by limb and experience the thrill of instantly dismembering their foes. Do note, though, that you cannot earn campaign achievements or trophies while playing Dismemberment Mode.

Furthermore, Striking Distance Studios has added the ability to skip cut-scenes.

Unfortunately, this patch does not feature any performance or optimization improvements. The game still relies on one CPU core/thread, and there is still no support for DLSS 3. Additionally, its Ray Tracing effects are incredibly CPU-heavy, and only the latest high-end CPUs can handle them. And, at this point, I don’t expect the devs to improve the game’s performance.

Lastly, and as always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client!