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Returnal April 19th Update released and detailed, full patch notes

Housemarque and Climax Studios have released the April 19th Update for Returnal. In addition, the teams have shared its complete changelog which you can find below.

The April 19th Patch adds support for AMD FSR 2.0, as well as an option to manually rebuild your PSO cache data. Additionally, it fixes specific hitches that can occur during boss fights.

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Returnal April 19th Patch Notes

  • Upgraded to AMD FSR 2
  • Added option to manually rebuild PSO cache to Settings > Graphics
  • Fixed specific hitches that can occur during boss fights
  • Fixed out of world issue when loading into the start room of Crimson Wastes after suspending
  • Fixed issue with sandstorm appearing where it shouldn’t in Crimson Wastes
  • Also fixed issue with sandstorm vignette sometimes appearing on Crimson Wastes after suspending