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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch 1.5.1 Released

The Mass Effect Community Patch Team has released a new Community Patch for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This Community Patch is only for the first ME LE game, and below you can find its complete changelog.

Since the changelog is quite big, we won’t be wasting any more of your time.

Those interested can download this Community Patch from here!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch 1.5.1 Release Notes

  • Added a Mod Settings Menu accessible from the pause screen, similar to the one included in LE3 Community Patch. Mods can extend this to add their own submenus in a similar manner. Several bugfixes in this mod have been made optional and can be configured through the menu. Huge thanks to DropTheSquid for taking the lead on this project.
  • Integrated the Persistent Options mod for LE1. This will add a FOV option to the settings menu of the game
  • Powers will now fill all available slots on the action bar, resolving an issue where Liara could not use Overload, and Sentinel, Engineer, or Adept players could at times not use their bonus power. The tenth slot for Shepard still is not usable. This will change how powers are laid out on the action bar
  • Fixed many more grammar, spelling, and formatting issues in planet descriptions and journal entries
  • The user interface buttons in Quasar, the Therum laser minigame, and the Noveria toxin mixing minigame now play the proper UI sounds
  • (German voice-over only) Removed a Normandy VI line that had the wrong audio file attached to it
  • Fixed Garrus’s typing and calibration animations not properly playing in the Cargo Bay
The Citadel:
  • Restored missing decal above the Citadel Tower elevator
  • The Destiny Ascension is lit properly when it flies by after helping Garrus and Dr. Michel
  • Fixed broken Ashley line after killing Saren’s assassins outside of Chora’s Den
  • The ambient NPCs in the Lower Markets will now properly reappear after the completion of Citadel: Doctor Michel
  • Removed loading modal break when exiting from Flux to the Upper Wards
  • A clickable Quit button will now be shown when you don’t have enough credits to play Quasar when using a mouse and keyboard, preventing a near-softlock
  • Charming or intimidating Nassana Dantius will give you the Armali Council License, instead of doing nothing
  • Fixed a camera angle in the comm conversation between Dr. Michel and the blackmailer
  • The Salarian C-Sec officer who attempts to arrest Anderson wearing a C-Sec uniform has been made optional
  • Fixed broken NPC LODs in Flux
  • Fixed a broken line where Calyn refers to Shepard as a Spectre
  • Also fixed Garrus standing in the wrong position if you load a save after rescuing Dr. Michel but before speaking to her
  • An ambient Kahoku line will no longer play if he’s not there when loading a save near his position
Eden Prime:
  • Removed loading modal break when exiting the Normandy comm room right before the Nihlus cutscene
  • Jenkins’ eye color is now consistent between all his appearances
  • Fixed Normandy flying through trees in the Eden Prime landing cutscene
  • Fixed broken Ashley and Kaidan squad banter when approaching the refinery
  • Fixed potential softlocks and infinite loading screens when using the Zhu’s Hope-Skyway elevator
  • The lighting on the Zhu’s Hope-Skyway elevator has been changed to match the rest of the level
  • The Geth Armature in a room at the start of the ExoGeni building can no longer revive in some situations
  • Telling your squad to kill the colonists by saying “We can’t take the chance”, but then saving the colonists can no longer result in the colony being shut down in certain situations
  • You can now backtrack to complete Feros: Data Recovery after the main quest has been completed (optional). This feature is disabled by default
  • Kaidan now uses the correct ambient line (“They’ve seen us. They must be nearby”) when approaching the refugee camp
  • Fixed an issue where Lizbeth would not run to the corner of the room for the Varren fight
  • Fixed Lizbeth’s gun frozen in mid-air if you speak to her after the Varren fight
  • Also fixed animation issues with Lizbeth and Julianna after persuading Ethan Jeong
  • The hackable M29 Grizzly turret in the Port Hanshan garage has been restored from OT (optional)
  • Alien creatures will be called “Unknown Creature” or “Unknown Bug” until their true origins have been revealed. (optional) This feature is disabled by default
  • Removed loading modal break when exiting the Quarantine Labs
  • Added an optional appearance for Han Olar based on cut content
  • Fixed Benezia blinking after she has died
  • Fixed incorrect music playing when Benezia dies when Liara is not present, missing music sting upon Benezia’s death, and battle music playing when it’s not supposed to
  • If Anoleis or Gianna only have an ambient line to say, the game will no longer autosave before speaking to them
  • Fixed pop in of Gianna and her desk when approaching her office
  • The player will no longer hold an invisible gun during a line in the Noveria Quarantine Guard conversation
  • Anoleis will now properly pay you for information on the Rachni after returning from Peak 15
  • Matriarch Benezia’s biotic VFX on Noveria have been restored
  • A hidden away Normandy behind the level near the Geth shield barricade can no longer be seen
  • Fixed hallway mesh jutting through a wall on the last AA tower
  • Fixed potential double appearances of squadmates when approaching the Salarian Camp
  • Also fixed Kirrahe not entering his idle animation at the correct time after the first conversation with him
  • Fixed Wrex’s shotgun appearing in his hand if you save and load after talking him down
  • Removed an animation pop after talking Wrex down
  • Fixed a minor animation snap when interacting with Kaidan after talking Wrex down
  • Fixed missing environment after the windows get blown out in Saren’s lab
  • Also fixed a softlock that can occur if you speak to your squadmate during the Virmire casualty’s lines after clearing the bombsite
  • Saren’s Biotic VFX during his scenes on Virmire have been restored
  • Fixed an issue where the water would suddenly appear behind Saren if you fight him near the bomb
  • Removed loading modal break after defeating Saren when fighting him near the bomb
  • The Ilos drumming sound effect has had it’s volume increased to actually be audible
  • Fixed missing music in the first Presidium area after going through the conduit
  • The Citadel Tower in the final mission has the correct save menu image, instead of using the regular Citadel oneĀ 
Uncharted Worlds:
  • Fixed an issue with the “Squadmates will be familiar with Cerberus if you have encountered them before” bugfix
  • Fixed journal not updating properly when completing UNC: Listening Post Alpha without completing UNC: Listening Post Theta first
  • Also fixed pink visors inside the privateer base on Xawin.
  • Amaranthine: Engineering outpost no longer appears sunken into the ground
  • Altahe: Fixed several floating objects
  • Nodacrux: Burst Thorian pod is no longer sunk into the floor inside the base
  • Tuntau: Fixed model cube being visible in the sky