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Gotham Knights February 14th Update promises to significantly improve performance

Warner Bros has released a new patch for Gotham Knights. According to the release notes, the February 14th Update promises to significantly improve the game’s performance.

Going into more details, this patch smooths out delta time fluctuations with and without V-SYNC. Furthermore, it brings streaming time improvements, and optimizes ctor spawn time and performance. Additionally, it aims to reduce various GPU and CPU hitches.

According to some early reports, this patch does actually improve overall performance. As such, we’ve decided to re-download the game and re-test it. So, expect an update in a few hours with out findings.

As usual, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Gotham Knights February 14th Update Release Notes

  • Several fixes for crashes in the Open World
  • Fix for the crash related to using Fast Travel Points
  • Fix for the crash that could happen when returning to the main menu
  • Additional fix for the crash that could happen when using the Text-to-Speech functionality in some options.
  • Rendering performance improvements
  • Smoothed out delta time fluctuations with and without V-SYNC
  • Streaming time improvements
  • Optimized actor spawn time and performance
  • Various GPU and CPU hitches reduction
  • Fix to HDR being improperly set on the not-primary monitor
    Tweaked scalability settings for graphics settings auto-detection.
  • Fix for some materials being improperly displayed when the anti-aliasing is disabled.
  • Added GPU driver check.
  • Several minor fixes to the NVIDIA Ansel mode.
  • Fix for the post-processing options being improperly reset after exiting from the Photo Mode.
  • Several fixes for the shadows being improperly displayed.
  • Fix for some graphical artifacts that could be visible during the Clayface boss battle.
  • Controller updates for dual sense and xbox

We can confirm that the game runs better with this latest update. That is without the game’s Ray Tracing effects. With RT, the game still drops below 60fps on our Intel Core i9 9900K. However, these drops are not as low as before, so that’s at least good news. Furthermore, the game is really smooth now without its RT effects, even when driving throughout the city. So, great news for those that are still playing this game!