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Diablo 4’s biggest gameplay update, Loot Reborn, is now available for download

Blizzard has just released the biggest gameplay update for Diablo 4, which is called Loot Reborn. To celebrate this release, the team has also shared a new trailer dedicated to it. This trailer will give you a glimpse at some of its key features.

As said, this is the biggest gameplay update that Diablo 4 has ever received. Blizzard has introduced major balance tweaks and changes to all classes. Potions, elixirs and other items have also been tweaked. The changelog for this patch is HUGE, so I won’t include it below. Those interested can find it on its official website.

Alongside the balance and gameplay tweaks, this patch adds multiple tiers of Masterworking Material caches that transmute far more materials than were previously available. Additionally, it adds an inventory icon to indicate items that have at least one Greater Affix.

What’s also cool is that the devs have added a new camera viewpoint. This new camera will allow for a wider view area. This will be helpful in higher difficulty levels in which a lot of enemies can swarm you. So, kudos to the devs for adding it.

It’s also worth noting that crafting materials now have rarities associated with them. Moreover, Blizzard has made miscellaneous changes to improve overall readability throughout the game. Furthermore, more skills will now appear more visually powerful as the skill gains power.

Another cool feature is the ability to trade Legendary Items and Unique Items. However, this only includes unaltered items. Imprinting, Enchanting, Tempering, or Masterworking an item will bind it your account.

Finally, World Boss Health has been greatly increased for World Tiers III and IV. Oh, and the devs have increased the bonus experience for World Tiers II, III and IV.

Like always, Battlenet will download this patch the next time you launch its client.

Have fun!

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