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BattleBit Remastered Update 1.8.1 released, featuring Party Codes, QoL improvements and bug fixes, full patch notes

The developers behind BattleBit Remastered have released a new patch for it. According to the release notes, BattleBit Remastered Update 1.8.1 adds Party Codes, packs QoL improvements, enhances Stat protection, and fixes numerous bugs.

Alongside the aforementioned additions, Patch 1.8.1 brings improvements to the Objective Capture Zones. The team has reduced their size by up to 75, and this should improve the user experience in CONQ and FRONTLINE game modes.

The game also now limits the amount of C4s, mines, claymores, ammo kits, etc. that players can place at the same time. Not only that, but this patch makes it easier to report players.

As always, Steam will download Patch 1.8.1 for BattleBit Remastered the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

BattleBit Remastered - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

BattleBit Remastered Update 1.8.1 Release Notes

  • Party Codes

    : New feature that enables players to join parties without adding each other as Steam Friends

  • Report Player Shortcut

    : Left Shift + F1/2/3/4, etc will bring up the report menu for the respective player, without having to go to the scoreboard. This makes it easier to report players for abusive behavior, or other inappropriate conduct

  • Stat-Sync Protection

    : A rare case has been fixed where a player’s progress would reset if they joined a game server while the player stats servers were being updated. This happened because the game server would receive the player’s stats as level 0, which would reset the player’s progress.

    1. To fix this, the game server will now no longer let a player join if it fails to fetch their stats. This will prevent players from joining the server with level 0.
    2. Additionally, the backend will no longer accept saving stats of a player if their rank is less than it was before. This will help to prevent players from intentionally resetting their progress.
  • Objective Capture Zones

    : Sizes have been reduced to 50%/75% of their original size in some areas. This should improve the user experience in CONQ and FRONTLINE game modes, as it will make it easier to defend objectives and allow your team to spawn on them until the enemy enters the capture zone and triggers the spawn lock. This change will also make it more difficult to hide in one of the many buildings on the map and stay in the enemy objective in order to disable their spawn.

  • Placed Gadget Persistence

    : Players will now be limited in the amount of C4s, mines, claymores, ammo kits, etc. that they can place at the same time.

    1. C4s will be destroyed when a player dies. A maximum of 6 can be placed. If a player tries to place a 7th C4, the first one will be destroyed to maintain a total of 6.
    2. Claymores and mines will not be destroyed when a player dies. However, only 4 can be placed at a time. If a player tries to place a 5th claymore or mine, the first one will be destroyed to ensure that there are only 4 at a time.
  • Domination

     – Reviving players will no longer return tickets.

  • Eduardovo

     – CONQ 32v32 received a unique layout that is separate from the 127v127 playable area.

  • Salhan

     – RU Border has been extended on the west side (Cav exit) to make spawn camping more difficult.

  • Frugis

     – The last stage of Rush received changes allowing the attacking team to exit from a subway near the enemy spawn.

  • Wakistan

     – Domination 32v32 layout will now feature an east coast line layout. The old layout will be moved to 16v16

  • The number of players in enemy vehicles will no longer be shown on the map when they are spotted.
  • When placing walls, there will be a half-player-size space margin requirement to avoid clipping. This means that there must be at least half the size of a player between the wall and any other object, such as another wall or a player. This is to prevent the wall from clipping through other objects, which can cause visual and gameplay issues.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not switch to their primary weapon when placing a claymore while throwing a grenade
  • Fixed an issue where the friend list would not load until the party menu was hovered over
  • Also fixed an issue where players were unable to pass the main menu due to avatar images
  • Fixed the broken Progress Bar at the bottom of the screen
  • A bug where players could sometimes walk during the countdown on Frontline has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to lag while using the Rappelling Rope
  • Spectator camera improved.