Atomic Heart new feature

Atomic Heart received two patches this weekend, and here are all their tweaks, changes & improvements

Mundfish released two patches for Atomic Heart this weekend. Each of these updates was around 200-300MB in size, and below you can find their complete changelogs.

According to the team, the first update fixed an issue with infinite jumps, as well as an issue with missing map objects at VDNH Exhibition Park.

Additionally, it increases the framerate cap from 300fps to 500fps. Furthermore, after a lot of complaints, the developers have also removed an inappropriate image from the old soviet cartoon.

As always, Steam will download the latest update (which obviously includes the previous one) the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find the full changelogs for these two patches.

Atomic Heart Patch Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue blocking quest progress for “A glass, Darkly”
  • Fixed an issue with Claire (cutscene is not starting)
  • Also fixed a crash during the Ballerina boss fight
  • Autodetection of the sound language, based on your settings (you can still choose to modify the audio and the texts language in the options)
  • Removed an inappropriate image from the old soviet cartoon
  • Fixed an issue with a “Rotorobot” in a frozen state
  • Fixed an issue with infinite jumps
  • Fixed an issue with missing map objects at VDNH Exhibition Park
  • Fixed an issue with wrong Brightness setting (but the value will be reset to default)
  • Various settings localization fixes
  • Framecap limit is 500 now


Atomic Heart Patch

  • Implemented system to fix all environment stuck issues