Yuriy O’Donnel (Creative Assembly) & Sebastien Lagarde (DONTNOD) Join DICE

DICE logo
Seems that everyone wants to get a job at DICE as today both Yuriy O’Donnel and Sebastien Lagarde announced that they will be joining DICE tomorrow. Lagarde was previously working at DONTNOD and was responsible for some lighting techniques that made Remember Me stand out from the crowd. Lagarde will be working as a Senior rendering programmer at DICE now.
O’Donnel, on the other hand, was previously working at Creative Assembly. SEGA has released – a couple of days ago – Total War: Rome II, a strategy title that is plagued by a lot of issues. We currently don’t know whether O’Donnel left CA or was fired (typical thing that happens after the release of a title). Creative Assembly promised to fix Total War: Rome 2, so it will be interesting to see whether more members will be leaving it in the next couple of days.
DICE is currently working on a remake of Mirror’s Edge, a new Battlefront title and Battlefield 4. All of these titles will be powered by Frostbite 3, DICE’s proprietary engine.
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