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You will soon be able to play the entire single-player campaigns of Crysis & Crysis Warhead in co-op

Crysis is one of our most beloved first-person shooters out there. And today, we are happy to report that PC gamers will be able to play its entire single-player campaign mode in co-op thanks to this upcoming mod.

The Crysis Co-op mod originally came out in 2016 as a proof of concept. Since then, the team has revised its approach, started fresh and achieved the most ambitious and technically complex Crysis mod.

The new 2019 version of this mod will allow you to play the single-player campaigns of both Crysis and Crysis Warhead in co-op. The mod will also replace Gamespy with Steam. This basically means that it will add support for the Steam master server, so that you no longer have to connect to servers through direct IP addresses and removing the necessity of using VPN software. The downside here is that you’ll need a Steam version of Crysis Warhead, otherwise the mod will not work.

Crysis Co-op 2019 will also come with some new gameplay features. For instance, players will be able to revive their fallen comrades via the defibrillator. It will also have new game dataset rules, as well as a compatibility mode. Furthermore, players will be able to select which character to play as through the campaign.

The team is currently awaiting for Crytek’s approval to release the Crysis Warhead campaign. Moreover, the team aims to release this new version of the Crysis co-op mod in December 2019.

Enjoy the following trailer and stay tuned for more!

Crysis Co-op Trailer