Yet another indie studio joins the fight; Frozenbyte is against SOPA

Take a look at our Top 10 Optimized PC Games for 2011. Which game is at the tenth place? That’s right, it’s Trine 2. Frozenbyte did an amazing job with it and Trine 2 is both a great performer and an amazing platform game. And we were delighted to hear that our beloved indie studio, Frozenbyte, has joined the fight against SOPA. Way to go our Finnish friends, that’s the spirit!
As Frozenbyte stated, they understand that SOPA and PIPA mostly effect American citizens, but they have had ‘similar changes in Finland and all over the EU‘. Make no mistake, Frozenbyte knows that piracy is a bad thing, especially if you consider that they live only by the games that they create. However, there is no excuse ‘for someone to step in to break our internets‘.
Therefore, Frozenbyte is against SOPA. In addition, the company uploaded a pretty awesome video that shows what Frozenbyte thinks about SOPA.
What Frozenbyte thinks about SOPA