XCOM – 20 Minutes of Gameplay Playthrough With Commentary

2K Games released a new playthrough video for their upcoming XCOM game. Narrative Director Jordan Thomas and Producer Wayne Harvey drive us through the demo that was the same with one that was presented in E3. This demo is based on the June 2011 build of the game and does not represent the final product.
XCOM is an all-new origin story in its own timeline; a deliberate reimagining along the lines of something like Battlestar: Galactica or Batman Begins. What that means in practical terms is that while 2K Games take narrative inspiration from the original games, they have also deviated in a couple of key ways.
In this new XCOM, you play William Carter, Special Agent in Charge of field operations at XCOM.
XCOM is slated for release this year on PC and X360.
Enjoy the video!