WRC 5 – Update 1.03 Now Available – Unlocks Framerate, Brings Overall Stability Improvements

Kylotonn Games has just released a new update for WRC 5. According to its release notes, this update unlocks the framerate (previously it was locked at 60fps), starts the game via its DX11 path, and brings overall stability improvements.

Kylotonn Games has also revealed that it is working on multiple-screens and wheels compatibility enhancement for future patches.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can view its complete changelog below.

WRC 5 – Update 1.03 Changelog:

-Rebinding D-pad for steering is now possible.
-Wheel max angle is now correctly set in real time when modifying value in menus.

-Framerate is no longer locked at 60 FPS.
-Default launch option for WRC 5 is now DX 11 (instead of DX 9).

-Snapshot visibility enhancement

Bug fixes
-DX9 – DX11 vertical synchronisation bug fix.
-Crashes for players having non-ASCII characters in their nicknames have been fixed.
-Shakedown Series menu navigation bug fix.
-Minor colour grading bug is fixed.
-Localisation bug fixes.
-Overall stability improvements.