WRC 2 Release Date Announced

WRC – also known as WRC2010 – was one of the best blends between arcade and sim rally racing. Although it wasn’t as polished as Codies’ racers and featured really short and repetitive stages, it had a lot of potential. And we are thankful that Milestone decided to develop its sequel. So rally fans, get ready for it as WRC 2 is coming to current generation consoles and PC this October and will be published by Ubisoft.
The game will feature all drivers and cars, as well as 90 stages, 9 car categories, 15 locales and 25 different terrain and weather combinations. One of the best features of WRC was that the terrain affected your vehicle’s handling. So here is hoping that Milestone will further polish it. And it will be interesting if the game supports terrain deformation that can affect the car’s behaviour.