World of Tanks – Update 8.7 Is Now Live

World Of Tanks
Wargaming today announced the release of Update 8.7 for its MMO action game World of Tanks in Europe. North American and Korean players will get the new version on July 25th and August 1st, respectively.
Update 8.7 introduces a brand new branch of British self-propelled guns, including the iconic Sexton, Bishop and the Crusader, just to name a few. A number of post-World War II prototypes take their place in the middle tiers, while the intimidating Conqueror Gun Carriage becomes the Tier 10 arty.
The Soviet light tank T-50-2 has been replaced with the Tier 6 MT-25, with better agility and more horse power as main advantages.
The update also adds a brand new winter map, Belogorsk-19, as well as visual revamps of the Highway and Harbour maps.