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WipeOut gets unofficial remaster on PC with uncapped framerates, increased draw distance and better controls

Remember WipeOut? You know, the futuristic racing game from Psygnosis that was released on the first Playstation console? Well, in case you weren’t aware, a PC version of it came out alongside the PSX release, and it was horrible. And, after almost thirty years, we can finally play it properly on our platform with this unofficial remaster.

WipeOut Phantom Edition is an enhanced PC source port of the original game. This unofficial remaster of WipeOut uses game data from the PlayStation version, and features numerous quality-of-life improvements.

WipeOut Phantom Edition supports uncapped frame rate and high resolution rendering. It also supports distant geometry fade, allowing objects to fade into view smoothly with minimal pop-ins. Not only that, but PC gamers can expect increased view distance, ship lighting, and “PSX-accurate rasterization and blending.”

What’s also cool here is that this unofficial remaster of WipeOut comes with three collision response options. The first one is similar to BallisticNG whereas the second is similar to WipeOut 2. And, as you may have guessed, the third one is the vanilla/default collision that the original version featured. Moreover, the game fully supports both Keyboard and Gamepad.

Lastly, WipeOut Phantom Edition features additional options menus, a new music and sound effect system, configurable aspect ratio and widescreen support, as well as a new config file system. And yes, you can also use custom music tracks.

In short, this is a must-have for all WipeOut fans, and we highly recommend downloading it fromĀ here. As said, you’ll need the game data files from the original PlayStation USA-region version of Wipeout. You can either manually provide these files or supply bin/cue disk image files.

Have fun!

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WipeOut Phantom Edition [PC Remaster with PSX Files]