Windows 10 Will Even Be Free To Pirates

Yes, yes I know, ALL software is free to pirates, but that isn’t exactly newsworthy is it? Terry Myerson, Windows’ chief at Microsoft told Reuters in an interview this morning in efforts to break in to the pirate heavy Chinese market, Microsoft is allowing free Windows 10 upgrades to people without legitimate versions of Windows 7 and 8.

Myerson claims that their effort is to show the users pirating Windows the value of Windows 10 in hopes that they will buy a legitimate license later down the road or a device with Windows 10 pre-installed. Microsoft obviously does not understand how these things work…. or do they?

I would be remiss in saying that I believe Microsoft actually expects the people who have already pirated Windows to purchase it in the future just because they like it.

With the integration of Cortana into Windows 10 as both a personal assistant much like Siri, Google Now, or well Cortana on Phones, and a means for navigating your desktop it is clear that Microsoft like many other companies can make money in other ways. If you haven’t guessed it already, Microsoft is likely going to be making its money by selling your data to advertising companies.

If you use Facebook this shouldn’t be something for you to really get upset about as Facebook makes nearly all of its revenue from selling your data. That is why most adds are often very catered to your interests.

Now keep in mind that this is wild speculation and could be totally false, but one can’t help but wonder what Microsoft has planned for the future.