Watch Dogs Demo Was Running On A PC And Not On A PS4

Watch Dogs v2
PC gamers were left out in the cold during Sony’s PS4 presentation. Were they? Well, we don’t think so. It appears that the amazing demo walkthrough of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was running on a PC instead of a PS4. This comes as no surprise; we’ve seen it happening in the past. However, it confirms that one of the most amazing ‘demos’ of Sony’s presentation was running on a different platform than its own.
That was revealed during the aftershow program of GameTrailers. As Ubisoft’s spokesperson admitted:
“The Watch Dogs demo was running on a PC with specs close to the PS4.”
And there you have it everyone, coming straight from the source. A lot of gamers were annoyed by the tearing that was present in the stream version of Watch Dogs, however the direct feed does not have such issues.
Watch Dogs is definitely coming on the PC, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. Moreover, it seems that the lead platform for its development is the PC, so we’re really looking forward to see what Ubisoft has in store for us.
Enjoy – once again – the new walkthrough video!
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