Warframe Heart of Deimos feature

Warframe Heart of Deimos releases on August 25th, first gameplay footage

Digital Extremes has announced that the Heart of Deimos expansion for Warframe will release on August 25th. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has also released a new gameplay video, showcasing this expansion in action.

Heart of Deimos will allow players to explore a new open world; a hauntingly-beautiful landscape festering with Infested enemies, the dark Entrati and sights unseen in ever-changing underground cave networks. Players will harness the power of the Void with the Community-designed Xaku.

Furthermore, players will be able to customize their Warframe like never before with the Helminth Chrysalis system. Players can feed the Helminth a Warframe to absorb a signature Ability and transfer it to another Warframe. Alternatively, they can allow the Helminth to consume a Warframe whole to extract one Ability to infuse into another.


[TennoCon 2020] - Heart of Deimos Gameplay Demo

Warframe | Xaku, the Broken Warframe

[TennoCon 2020] Helminth Chrysalis