Want to play all the latest games with all the bells and whistles? AMD’s HD 7000 Series Specs Leaked

Lately we’ve seen a lot of PC releases and as always, a lot of gamers are wondering if it’s time to upgrade their systems. After all, 2011 is almost over and a new high-end card would be a nice Christmas present, right? Well everyone, hold your horses as the specs for AMD’s latest GPUs series have been leaked and we can finally see what the Red Team has been preparing for us this whole time.
So, first of all, let’s see the specs:
– HD 7990 New Zealand GCN
– HD 7970 Tahiti XT GCN 1000MHz 32CUs 2048ALUs 128TMUs 64ROPs 256bit XDR2 8.0Gbps 256GB/s 2GB 190W HP
– HD 7950 Tahiti Pro GCN 900MHz 30CUs 1920ALUs 120TMUs 64ROPs 256bit XDR2 7.2Gbps 230GB/s 2GB 150W HP
– HD 7870 Thames XT VLIW4 950MHz 24SIMDs 1536ALUs 96TMUs 32ROPs 256bit GDDR5 5.8Gbps 186GB/s 2GB 120W HPL
– HD 7850 Thames Pro VLIW4 850MHz 22SIMDs 1408ALUs 88TMUs 32ROPs 256bit GDDR5 5.2Gbps 166GB/s 2GB 90W HPL
– HD 7670 Lombok XT VLIW4 900MHz 12SIMDs 768ALUs 48TMUs 16ROPs 128bit GDDR5 5.0Gbps 80GB/s 1GB 60W HPL
– HD 7570 Lombok Pro VLIW4 750MHz 12SIMDs 768ALUs 48TMUs 16ROPs 128bit GDDR5 4.0Gbps 64GB/s 1GB 50W HPL
So basically, AMD will offer four cards with 2GB of vRam this time around. We should note that the high-end model, the HD 7990, will be a dual-chip card that is based on two Tahiti XT/Pro Cores. Max Stream Processors count would be somewhere around 4000 ALUfs and the card would feature a TDP of >300W.
In addition, all of AMDs GPUs will use the new VLIW4 Architecture with improved SIMD wide-vector execution, Following is an overview of AMDfs HD7000 Series GPU Architecture:
* L1 and L2 read / write caching
* Out of order resource allocation
* ECC data protection on SRAMs and global memory
* Parallel primitive
We can speculate all we want about their potential performance, but as we’ve seen in the past, drivers play a big role into this. However, we can safely say that there will be a noticeable performance boost. Here is hoping for some benchmark leaks before the end of this year.
AMD is definitely on the right road. The AMD 7000 series cards are expected to launch in late Q4 2011 while the high-end models would most likely launch in Q1 of 2012. Time to see now what Nvidia has to offer for 2012!