Voice Actor Erik Todd Dellums Teases New Fallout Game

Now here is something interesting. Voice actor Erik Todd Dellums has tweeted that Fallout 3 and ThreeDog fans may get a nice surprise this year. Although Erik did not reveal much, we can safely say that this is about either a new Fallout game or a Fallout movie. Fallout 3 is a really old game so we don’t expect to see a new DLC for it. Unless of course Bethesda pulls a 180 turnover to all of us.
What’s also interesting here is that Erik was officially permitted to release this tease.


In case you are unaware of, Erik Todd Dellums was the voice behind radio DJ ‘Three Dogs’ in Fallout 3.
According to earlier rumours, Fallout 4 might be set in the US city of Boston.
Question now is whether Fallout 4 will be a next-generation game or not, and whether it will be using the same engine that was used in Skyrim!