Vampire: Bloodlines – Unofficial Patch 7.6 is Out Now

Oh man, Vampire: Bloodlines… what a great game right? And what a buggy one. There have been so many patches for it that I can’t even dare to count them down. And here is another one. Wesp5 released a new unofficial patch for Troika’s little baby and you can download it from here.
According to the release notes, this patch features two important things besides the usual stuff:
1) The Python version was updated to fix issues people have when they use Python elsewhere and to make life easier for modders. So if you encounter any new Python bugs, please give me feedback!

2) Five unused Bloodlines soundtracks were added that were released to the public by the composer Rik Schaffer, more details included in the text file by SteveMV. I put them in levels that featured old multiple times used tracks, but if you think they would fit better in other maps, please give me feedback and explain your suggestions.

And here is the entire changelog:
(+) is for Plus Edition players only!
+Restored unused OST music, thanks Rik Schaffer, SteveMV and Kendrel.
+Enabled you to keep Jack’s .38 pistol and restored bisexual Phil.
+Added Humanity loss for sending Copper to Nines and no-stake option.
+Tried to fix possible name plate bug and updated missing fists fix.
Fixed lost Mercurio email and removed extra Gargoyle XP from basic.
Added dumpster downtown to cover map hole and made Phil stay longer.
Corrected Imalia only handing out one camera and fixed missing pier music.
Added Malkavian whispers transcript to Extras, thanks to an unknown.
Fixed Nosferatu and Malkavian detection script of King’s Way level.
Replaced ancient Python 2.1 version with 2.7.2, thanks ColonelAlias.
Fixed spawning of Hallowbrook enemies and more minor level details.