Valve’s writer Marc Laidlaw confirms: “There is no Half-Life 3 ARG”

There has been a lot of speculation these past days about Half-Life 3. And although some thought that the ARG of Half-Life 3 has begun yesterday with Wheatley’s nominee trailer for the VGAs, Valve’s Marc Laidlaw states that there isn’t currently any Half-Life 3 ARG or treasure hunt. So hold your horses everyone as the time has not come. At least not yet.
Speaking to ValveARG, Valve’s Marc Laidlaw revealed the bad news. As Laidlaw wrote:
“There is no ARG at this time. Given the amazing concerted processing power of the community, if there had been, they would certainly have cracked it by now!”
When you think about it, there might be a hidden message to Marc’s words. There have also been some rumors lately that we’d get an announcement, hint or whatever in a few months but as of right now, nothing is certain. Our guess is that we might get something in April as Half-Life 2 was officially announced in April 2003. Could this be a coincidence? Perhaps, who knows.
Damn, that HL3 t-shirt was enough to start the buzz about Half-Life 3. Imagine what would have happened if Valve had released a proper teaser for it. Oh boy, let the speculation begin!