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The first preview version of Unreal Engine 5 is available for download

Epic Games has just released the first preview version of its latest engine, Unreal Engine 5, to the public. This new version is more stable and better optimized than its Early Access version. As such, developers can now experiment with it in order to create new projects.

Going into more details, Unreal Engine 5 Preview 1 packs improvements to previously exposed tools like Nanite, Lumen, One File Per Actor, World Partition, and MetaSounds. Additionally, it features new animation tools, groundwork support for Large World Coordinates, and much more.

Lumen and Nanite are the two key features of Unreal Engine 5, and both of them have been improved. According to Epic, there have been many improvements to stability, quality, performance, and tools for both of them.

Unreal Engine 5 Preview 1 also offers improvements in stability and performance to its Path Tracer. For instance, it now supports Eye Shading Model. Additionally, Solid glass now supports color absorption.

Another new feature is Local Exposure. Local Exposure is a new adaptive tonemapping technique that automatically applies local adjustments to exposure (within artist-controlled parameters) that preserves both highlight and shadow detail.

You can download Unreal Engine 5 Preview 1 from the Epic Games launcher or GitHub. You can also find its complete changelog here.

Have fun!