Empire of the Ants feature

Unreal Engine 5-powered Empire of the Ants will be released on November 7th

Microids has announced that its upcoming Unreal Engine 5-powered strategy game, Empire of the Ants, on November 7th. To celebrate this announcement, the publisher shared a new gameplay trailer that you can find below. In this trailer, we get to learn more about the game’s story and gameplay mechanics.

In Empire of the Ants, you’ll strategize your way to ruling the world. It’s all about making smart moves to keep your colony alive. You’ll explore, fight, and even team up with other critters to thrive and become the ultimate ant empire.

The game aims to offer a real-time strategic experience closely inspired by the book series. Players will dive into a microscopic world and use your strategic skills to help their colony thrive in real-time. The concept certainly sounds cool. Whether the game will be as good remains to be seen. Still, I’m quite interested in it.

Empire of the Ants will have a photorealistic forest where players will meet and interact with other ants and forest dwellers. The game will also have day and night environments. The developers claimed that there will be day, night, dawn, and twilight TODs. My guess is that we’re looking at a real-time day-night cycle. We can also assume that the game will take advantage of Lumen.


Empire of the Ants – Release Date Trailer