Unleashed – New survival hack n slash game, powered by UDK

We’ve said it before and will say it again; we strongly support all indie developers here in DSOGaming. UDT is a team of final year game development students that is developing a UDK mod gameplay experiment, Unleashed. Unleashed will basically be the foundation from which the company intends to develop a full-length game. We should note that it’s still in early development and its debut trailer can be viewed after the jump.
Unleashed will be a survival singleplayer hack and slash game, pitting the player against waves of enemies in ability based arena combat against deadly enemies. Players must defeat a successive series of enemy waves by utilising their own abilities and ingame traps to their full potential in aggressive strategic gameplay. This game aims to please the hardcore audience who don’t want pushovers – when it’s time for the player to die, the enemies making it happen.