Ultra Street Fighter IV Remix Mod Now Available, Supports Online Matches

Street Fighter fans, get ready for a treat. The first version of the Ultra Street Fighter IV Remix mod has just been released. Remix changes the standard SF4 gameplay in many ways, and you can find its download link below.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Remix makes the movement (walkspeed) of most characters faster. Dashes are also faster and players can attack out of them, or crouch and then block. Jumps are also faster and the game turns you around in mid-air if you jump over your opponent.

Moreover, a new invincible getup mechanic has been introduced, there are easy cancels for basic moves, and there is a larger tech window.

Last but not least, this mod offers online functionalities. Those that have this mod can play with other players that have it installed, though do note that ranked matches are not supported.

You can download this mod from here.


Ultra Street Fighter IV Remix 1.0 Released! (Now 1.1)