Ubisoft’s For Honor Closed Alpha Is Underway – Looks Incredible, Does Not Support Keyboard+Mouse

It appears that the closed alpha testing for Ubisoft’s fast-paced visceral melee combat game, For Honor, is currently underway. And according to reports, the game’s closed alpha build does not support keyboard+mouse at all. Okay okay, this is a closed alpha build but it does feel weird that a game does not support – even in that early stage – the keyboard+mouse control scheme.

What worries us is the fact that Ubisoft may simply add a generic “keyboard+mouse” control scheme that could be plagued by mouse acceleration/smoothing side effects. After all, the Assassin’s Creed series suffered from that very same thing.

Guru3D’s member ‘signex’ shared some additional information about the game’s closed alpha build. According to signex, For Honor appears to have a long learning curve. And while there are currently no PC graphics settings, this alpha build ran great on his system (GTX 780 3GB+ with Intel i5 2500K and 8GB of RAM).

“What suprised me is how damn GOOD it runs, the game looks incredible too.

I didn’t use any FPS counter but it was definitely way above 60fps all the time.

But there aren’t any graphics settings in the alpha though, i didn’t mind it, it looked stunning either way.”