Ubisoft ‘pwns’ PC gamers yet again with Driver: San Francisco’s demo

Console gamers will enjoy today Driver: San Francisco’s demo and will experience the return of one legendary series. Wait what? Did you say that you’re gaming exclusively on the PC? Then we are sorry but there won’t be any demo for you. Yeah, the guys at Ubisoft are really crazy and are doing everything they can to doom Driver: San Francisco’s PC version. Seriously now Ubisoft, WTF?
We kind of expected this to be honest as Ubisoft is probably experimenting with this whole mess. We suspect that they want to see whether the PC version will flop with their insulting attitude or not. We already know the answer but seems that the company needs confirmation that they should treat PC gamers with more respect.
As RockPaperShotgun reported today, Ubisoft informed them that there won’t be any PC demo and that there are no plans currently for one.
So, Ubisoft not respecting their PC customers? Check. DRM that will drive you mad? Check. No PC demo to try it before you actually buy it? Check.
Way to go Ubisoft. Yeah, some of you will probably pirate it due to the company’s attitude but we strongly suggest you not to. There is no reason to waste your bandwidth guys. Just show them that there are other PC games for you and don’t need them. Like Trackmania 2 or Hard Reset for example.
Respect the developers that deserve your respect and abandon once and for all those that spit in your face. Plain and simple!