Ubisoft is teasing a new project announcement; Techland might be involved in this – New Call of Juarez title?

Ubisoft has teased a new project announcement that will be made this week. Aymeric Evennou, International Product Manager at Ubisoft Paris, revealed that a new project will be announced very soon. Before that tweet though, Evennou tweeted that he will ‘see us on Thursday for more fun,’ suggesting that the announcement of this new project will be made this Thursday.
What’s really interesting here is that Techland might be involved in this project. Pawel Kopinski, International PR & Marketing Director at Techland, confirmed that the project announcement is the real deal. Not only that, but Kopinski has debunked Videogamer’s assumptions of a new Prince of Persia game.
Obviously, Kopinski knows what this project actually is and that’s why he’s so sure about it. Question now is – what does Ubisoft and Techland have in common? We do know that Techland has developed Call of Juarez, a first-person game that was published by Ubisoft. So, could this new project be a new Call of Juarez game? Or is Ubisoft borrowing Techland’s engine for a brand new game?
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