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Ubisoft is one of the first developers to be using AI tools for its games

Since the rise of the latest AI tools, particularly used in generating new images and screenshots, a lot have been wondering whether game developers would take advantage of them. And, it appears that one of the first ones that will do just that will be Ubisoft.

Yesterday, Ubisoft shared a new video, in which it announced that it will be using AI to create the first draft of its NPC barks. Ubisoft claims that this will save scriptwriters time.

As Ubisoft stated:

“Ubisoft Ghostwriter is an AI tool developed in-house that aims to support our scriptwriters by generating the first draft of our NPC barks – the phrases or sounds made by NPCs when players interact with the game world.

This tool was created hand-in-hand with scriptwriters to create more realistic NPC interactions by generating variations on a piece of dialogue.”

So while this first usage of AI seems reasonable, we’re almost certain that Ubisoft will also use it for other things. After all, this is Ubisoft we’re talking about. It will be also interesting to see whether these AI tools will lead to any future layoffs.

I also laughed at that comment about these AI tools freeing up time for scriptwriters to work on other core game elements. Will the scriptwriters suddenly start coding core elements? Will they assist beta testers? Or will they help with a game’s marketing campaign? Yeah, that comment makes no sense at all. Let’s hope that at least this AI tool will help them finish the Prince of Persia Remake or Skull & Bones (too soon?).

From the looks of it, the AI revolution is about to begin. And, similar to the NFTs, Ubisoft wants to be sitting in the front seat. Now whether or not this will be a good thing is anyone’s guess!

Ubisoft is Developing an AI Ghostwriter to Save Scriptwriters Time