Two Worlds II – Pirates of the Flying Fortress Is Out Now

Topware Interactive has finally released the expansion pack of Two Worlds II, Pirates of the Flying Fortress. Two Worlds II: Pirates of Flying Fortress is now out on GamersGate, it’s over 2GB in size and will cost you around 30 euros.
Pirates of the Flying Fortress introduces more than a sufficient amount of new gameplay elements. In addition to an  archipelago filled with new vegetation in which players can traverse whether by foot, on horseback, sailing their own boat or even by swimming, there is also all-new races and bosses who lurk in the depths of the unexplored islands.
Brilliantly flavored with stunning new cut-scenes, the 12+ hours of main quests await the player, permeated with twists and surprises at every decision. Dozens of new weapons including the crossbow, permanent potions and new armor accessories to increase the hero’s stats, effective horse armor, as well as fresh fighting techniques will provide the perfect means to get an all-new experience in the world of Antaloor.
Pirates of the Flying Fortress also features a revamped engine that adds tons of new changes, including dialogue animations and all new voice over talent, as well as the goodies that come naturally with an expansion like equipment and environments, a plethora of side quests and a main story arc that will shake even the most veteran of gamers to their core.