Tropico 4 ‘Quick Dry Cement’ DLC is now available

Kalypso Media has announced that a new DLC for the PC and X360 versions of Tropico 4 is now available. The new content, called ‘Quick Dry Cement’, adds the new Cement Factory building, along with additional character traits, costumes and more, all for a Swiss Bank Account-pleasing price of 400 Microsoft Points / £3.49 GBP/ €3.99 euro.
The Quick-dry Cement add-on pack contains:
-Building: Cement Factory (accelerates all constructions on the island)
-Character Trait: Constructor (free cement factory, construction workers gain skill faster)
-Character Outfit / Vanity Item: Engineer helmet (for male and female avatars)
-Mission theme: The largest city in the Caribbean – build a huge city across the whole island while fighting all kinds of disasters
-Decorations: Tropican flagpole, Small park, Flower bed 2, Flowering tree 2, Constructor statue
Enjoy the following screenshots from this new DLC!