Tree of Life: Beyond of Journey Final Beta Before Release

NeoBricks has announced their final beta for their upcoming MMORPG sandbox survival game, the beta has hit the live servers and will be the last one before the official release.

Tree of Life: Beyond the Journey | Official Launch Trailer 2017 | Sandbox MMORPG

During Tree of Life early access it was played by around 85,000 users and now that it is coming close to it’s official release players will be starting another journey called ‘Beyond of Journey.’

Here is a complete factsheet for what players can guarantee will be featured in the game:

  • Giant open world map to explore
  • Freedom to build your base anywhere, anytime
  • 3 Factions with the option to form guilds within each respective one
  • Crafting system with a variety of options in armor, weapons, tools, and etc
  • Different mounts to ride on or in
  • Numerous building options to upgrade from a small settlement to a giant castle and more
  • Extensive mastery system with over 20 different masteries
  • No Pre-Defined Classes; Customize your character’s skills individually
  • Open world PvP content between factions
  • Strategic defence against invasions from monsters and players alike
  • Regular updates with new content
  • Early Access in May 2015
  • Launch in August 2017

I have also provided some screenshots of the game, they can be found below.

Source: Tree of Life