Towers of Aghasba feature

Towers of Aghasba is officially coming to PC in 2024

Dreamlit Games has announced that Towers of Aghasba will be officially coming to PC in 2024. Moreover, the team has released the game’s debut gameplay trailer which you can find below.

Towers of Aghasba is an open-world fantasy experience where players must balance between constructing bustling villages for their growing tribe and nurturing beautiful ecosystems of otherworldly plant life.

Players will be able to express their creativity by developing their island however they’d like. Furthermore, they will be able to explore the whimsical land of Aghasba, and connect with friends to show off their unique world.

Additionally, players can climb to jaw-dropping vistas, befriend bizarre creatures, and uncover the rich history of the sacred island Aghasba. And yes, there will be a glider similar to the one found in the latest Zelda game.


Towers of Aghasba - Extended Reveal Trailer